What are bubbles in bubble tea made of

Bubble tea is known by many different names including milk tea, pearl milk tea, tapioca tea, etc. Over the past years, bubble tea has grown to become popular among consumers due to its nutritional values as well as unique tea beverage qualities. Usually, bubble tea is made by using tapioca balls or fruit jellies which give it the bubbly effect and name as well. Also called boba tea, this milk tea consists of various combinations of flavored syrups that add to its deliciously unique taste.
Many people wonder what are bubbles in bubble tea made of and here is a simple description as an answer. Tapioca is a South American word that means starch. This particular starch comes from cassava plants. One the cassava plants are harvested, the toxins are removed from them. What is left behind is turned into different forms such as powder, sticks or balls which are used to make bubble tea. Boba tea is not only served as a cold tea beverage but also as milk tea now.
It is the bubbles of different types that allow boba tea to be made into fruit milk tea or milk tea. Usually, milk tea is made by using dairy or non-dairy products such as creamers. Some brands also sell Boba tea in the form of fruity smoothies by using flavored syrups as a replacement for fresh fruits whereas others use fruit directly. Usually, tea leaves are brewed to add tea to boba milk tea drinks, however; some brands don’t use tea at all. This means that people who prefer non-caffeinated drinks can also enjoy boba tea. All these variations of boba tea had emerged over the years as when it was discovered it was only served as a cold beverage.
Now many brands create more and more flavors and variations to test out new forms. Boba tea is served with white, green and black tea in most of the boba tea shops. Some places are also using boba drinks as coffee beverages to serve to customers who prefer coffee over tea. Most of the times, tapioca balls that are added to these drinks are chewable but sometimes the texture might differ. All these variations are based on brand-name and their specifications. One must keep in mind that tapioca pearls are bound to harden if you are consuming a cold smoothie or slush therefore you must consume it quicker if you get chewable boba balls.
Many people had concerns over health value of consuming bubble tea, but as long as freshly brewed tea leaves are used to add tea to a boba drink, one has nothing to worry about. People who use bubble tea for their tea fix will not find any health problems. Other than buying boba tea from tea cafes, it can also be made at home. Boba tea supplies can easily be purchased from several different stores which make it easy for fans of bubble tea to make their perfect boba drink at home. In addition to tapioca pearls, you can also find flavored syrups to add to you drink.

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