Bubble tea vs coffee franchise

Better than Coffee


Although both Bubble tea and coffee shops are similar water-based businesses when it comes to setting them up, each has distinct operations, inventory, and training. As we know, all local coffee shops have to compete directly with the green giant coffee franchise. Even though Starbucks dominates the coffee industry and has tapped into the tea market, they have not yet started adding the Bubble tea concept in the U.S. As a startup; there is no giant corporate franchise that is dominating this market (although Starbucks does serve popular tea collections). All current competitors are local mom-and-pop shops, so this is a very good niche market to start in.


Unlike a coffee shop, a Bubble Tea Shop has a higher chance of becoming successful. In a market flooded with beverage chains, there is enough room for something totally different and independent from what is offered by competitors. Despite Bubble tea being considered a risky and dangerous business venture many years ago, it has grown to become a well-established and successful global product, offering not just unlimited profits, but also reduced costs of production.


Moreover, you can easily prepare Bubble tea; as long as you can operate a stove and blender, you can be confident that you can make this type of drink extremely well. Also, you can successfully run your Bubble Tea Shop in a kiosk, bar, coffee house, café or even a restaurant; this means that the business is versatile enough to be operated in a wide range of locations.


Bubble tea also has a refreshing taste, smell and feel, thanks to its versatility. It can be a pick-me-up drink as is the case with smoothies, or a fix me caffeine drink, just like coffee. The chewy Tapioca Pearls used to make Bubble tea is a definite plus. Since the drink is made of tea, it contains caffeine, just as coffee does. The wide range of flavors and tea used to make Bubble tea ensures that customers can order the drink in a rotation. Moreover, every different flavor of Bubble tea comes with a sensory experience unique to each flavor.

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