Bubble Tea Shop Equipment

When a person decides to open any restaurant or any drinking shop or café, he wants to have every machinery in his shop. So, we can say that it is the requirement of the shop to have all the fancy things which could attract the customers. When we say, the word Bubble Tea something fancy comes into our mind. It is precisely the case with the owners. They want to have every equipment in their shop so they can provide convenience to their customers. So here is a list of Bubble Tea Shop Equipment and machinery.

  • Burner: You need a burner to cook tapioca. The burner can be easily be bought from any nearest store. But what you need to keep in mind is that there are two kinds of a burner. An electric one or a gas one. It depends on you which suits you better. Prefer your choice, but the suggestion would be to pick a fancy looking.
  • A Cooking Pot: since you are buying a burner, you are going purchase a cooking pot in which you are going to cook tapioca. This equipment is one of the essential things.
  • Filter Cloth: filter cloth will help you to filter cooked tapioca. You will strain the water with the help of it.
  • Shaker Cup/ Shaker Machine: Either you can buy a shaking machine or a shaking cup. When it comes to comfort, then the shaking cup comes in handy. Using for a person is easy. You can quickly grab and use it. It takes less space and looks a bit posh.
  • Scoops to Measure amount: if you are a very professional and expert in making bubble tea, you would have some idea about the quantity of material which you are going to add. There are some who are doing it for the first time. They want it to taste the best, which is why you need a scoop to measure. When you use a measuring cup or spoon to add things you only add the required quantity. Never less or more. So, to provide your customers or guests at home the perfect and amazing bubble tea, you need to have a measuring scoop.
  • Blender: Blender is one of the most important items to have if you want to make the perfect tea. The reason blender is important is that you add fruits into the tea, and what makes tea tasty and flavorsome is its texture. Fruits add fuel to the fire. Blender helps in blending everything finely so you can taste a very smooth and pulpy yet delicious drink.
  • Cups, Lids, and Straws. The three essential Bubble Tea items are the cups, their lids and of course straws. You can use different kinds of covers just to add some variety like flat shaped lids or domed shaped.
  • Cup Sealing Machine: you need a machine to seal the cups. This item is optional, but it gives a very professional impression.
  • Containers: Containers can help you in keeping different other things.
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