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Welcome and thanks for displaying a pastime in being a Bubble Tea Website Franchisee, Europe’s and the UK’s most effective Bubble Tea company, currently set to surprise the United States!

We’re searching for experienced, entrepreneurial, and self -enthusiastic franchisees to consider our Bubble Tea’s delicious technology over the U.S.! Your current emphasis is on single-site franchisees within the established and South, and skilled place builders for several different areas inside the U.S.

Bubble Tea Website it has since extended to ten countries across Europe as well as the Middle East and was launched within the center of London, Soho, in April 2011. Because that starting, several have opened in Florida and Georgia.

We’re not only a tea brand, but we’re also a lively lifestyle brand, with important relationships with major retailers. And we’ve joined, with several common fashion models, through the years!

We’re a stand out manufacturer! We pride ourselves on selling smiles, and not simply products. Your products are continually changing, like a typical function of our manufacturer with new product introductions.

Folks of all ages love Bubble Tea Website and therefore are offered in a household-friendly atmosphere. As well as company experience and our delicious products, we have an ideal recipe for content clients, meaning balanced options for business owners.

Creating a direct effect goes beyond clients; we experience it’s very important to hand back towards the neighborhood with outreach programs which we’re excited about. We also provide effective worldwide outreach programs, such as water wells in Africa’s building.

Your standard franchisees are innovative entrepreneurs, who enjoy, and consider in operation quite seriously the Bubble Tea Resource manufacturer around we do!

Being part of a development-centered as well as in need brand implies that, if you’re selected to become a team owner and area of our manufacturer, and when you totally make oneself for your company, you’ll have a thrilling journey in front of you!

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