Anatomy of Bubble Tea

Bubble tea is a mix of tea with other ingredients that has been proven as highly successful in the Taiwan market. Just like how coffee drinkers drink coffee with dairy products or sugar, Bubble tea is served with dairy products and sweets.



Although customers will not get the full benefit of drinking traditional tea, Bubble tea still has a high nutritional profile that is bound to attract the health-conscious population across the globe. For instance, black or green Bubble tea is low in calories and fat and contains fresh fruits rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that help fight harmful free radicals. Customers can also enjoy their cup of Bubble Tea as either a dessert or a real meal, on top of being a beverage; this is so much unlike coffee, which is only taken as a beverage.


New Market Potential


The success of your Bubble Tea Shop depends on the geographical location and the demographics of the population near your store; Asians are currently the majority of Bubble Tea Shop customers since Bubble tea originates from Taiwan. However, the downtown areas of most U.S. cities consist of diverse demographics. Operation hours, rush hours, and menus will be totally different, varying from one Tea Shop to another. The good news is, Bubble tea marketing is growing in the U.S., so there are big opportunities in the non-Asian market that have yet to be tapped with this great product. In the 1980s, to attract younger generations to enjoy tea with Tapioca Pearls and sweet syrups, Bubble tea was born. Still, these days, the main Bubble tea customers are younger generations. At Bubble Tea Shops throughout the U.S., it is common to see customers between the ages of 16-25, high school to college students.


Many Asian cultures are spreading out all over the world. Asian foods and desserts are gaining popularity globally. For Bubble tea, Asians own most of the Bubble Tea Shops that are already in operation in the U.S., and their main customers are Asians. Many non-Asians are not yet aware of this deliciously fascinating drink. Tea has been around longer than coffee, and it is time for tea to dominate the beverage industry.

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